Never Write An Alt Tag Again.

Utilise the power of artificial intelligence to automatically create accurate SEO-optimised image alt tags on your WordPress site.

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Save time, money and your sanity

Let A Computer Do The Work For You

Writing alt tags is boring, time-consuming and costly for your business or clients.

Image Alt IO uses machine learning to pick out key details in any image, which is then automatically constructed into a human-readable sentence that is blissfully fast, simple to use and accurate.







Alt= “Two happy dogs wearing party hats”

“Party hat”

Alt= “Two happy dogs wearing party hats”

Accurate & Reliable

Perfectly Optimised For Search Engines

Historically, alt tag automation has been seen as bad practice for SEO, due to unreliable and inaccurate results. However, the Image Alt IO plugin uses groundbreaking machine learning to construct descriptive and keyword-optimised alt tags automatically, saving you countless hours.

  • Image Alt IO is a tool built by SEOs for SEOs. Over the years, we have spent an eye-watering amount of time manually writing alt tags and decided to solve this problem in a 21st Century way.
  • Our artificial intelligence scans images to understand what they contain, but more importantly, the context of what it finds.

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